Monday, July 30, 2012

30-Jul-2012 18:33

Romney faces Palestinian criticism for Jerusalem remarks as he heads to Poland - Washington Post ::

Obama related to first American slave - USA TODAY ::

Clinton to receive star speaking role at Democratic convention; Cheney to skip ... - ABC News ::

Patent Fight Provides Glimpse of Early iPhone Prototypes - PC Magazine ::,2817,2407802,00.asp

Superman roller coaster strands riders for 2 hours at Six Flags - ::

Victims attend hearing for Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes - Los Angeles Times ::,0,154042.story

OJ Murdock dies in apparent suicide - ESPN ::

Aleppo rebels under fire, Syrian fighter jet flies over - Reuters ::

India orders probe of deadly Andhra Pradesh train blaze - BBC News ::

Cheney calls Palin selection for vice president in 2008 'a mistake' - Washington Post ::

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