Friday, November 30, 2012

30-Nov-2012 09:20

Wikileaks: Bradley Manning testifies on harsh jail conditions - Politico ::

Obama Meets Romney; 'Cliff' Talks Falter - ABC News ::

Lottery officials verify winning Powerball ticket - Los Angeles Times ::,0,6401907.story

DSK, Maid Said to Reach Settlement - Daily Beast ::

Surface Pro vs Surface RT: All you need to know - Firstpost ::

clashes hit flights to Damascus - Financial Times ::

Egypt power struggle: Assembly backs draft constitution - BBC News ::

Analysis: Palestinian status all very well, but this won't resolve core issues - ::

Former President George HW Bush, 88, hospitalized with bronchitis - ::

Katie Couric's daytime talker gears up for Jeff Zucker's exit - Los Angeles Times ::,0,5855303.story

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