Monday, May 27, 2013

28-May-2013 07:54

Obama pledges urgent aid to Oklahoma town - ::

Passenger Tries to Open Emergency Exit Door on Alaska Airlines Flight While ... - ABC News ::

Chicago man charged in slaying of 6-month-old girl - Daily Journal Online ::

Texas: Gunman Killed After Shooting 6 People - New York Times ::

California man shoots 2 adult daughters, himself with young grandkids in home ... - Fox News ::

Americans gather to honor fallen service members - Fox News ::

John McCain visits Syria; EU agrees to relax arms ban - Los Angeles Times ::,0,7353969.story

Brooklyn Bridge closed because of abandoned car - Wall Street Journal ::

European Nations End Weapons Embargo, Creating Path to Arming Syrian Rebels - New York Times ::

US F-15 Fighter Crashes in Pacific off Okinawa - ABC News ::

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