Saturday, June 29, 2013

29-Jun-2013 13:35

George Zimmerman trial: MMA-day in Trayvon Martin shooting case - Orlando Sentinel ::

David Cameron: Talks with Taliban should have begun a decade ago - ::

Snowden's Father Gives Conditions For Son's Return - WIBW ::

Heat wave in SW America: Temperatures hit 47 degrees - BBC News ::

US student stabbed to death during Egypt protests was in the country teaching ... - The Independent ::

Democracy Muslim Brotherhood style making Mubarak look good - National Post ::

The Questions of Gettysburg - Montpelier Bridge ::

Obama urges House to pass immigration reform by August - Reuters ::

Flood of gay marriages expected this weekend in California - Los Angeles Times ::,0,4923276.story

Obama tells leaders to follow Mandela's example - Businessweek ::

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