Wednesday, November 27, 2013

28-Nov-2013 04:38

NSA snooped on Islamists' porn habits - GlobalPost ::

Sriracha hot sauce factory production partially halted - BBC News ::

Police review journal of Arizona teen held captive for two years - Salt Lake Tribune ::

Online Health Law Sign-Up Is Delayed for Small Business - New York Times ::

Popcorn the turkey wins presidential pardon, but Caramel also spared ... - Washington Post ::

Italy's Berlusconi vows to remain political force despite ousting - The Globe and Mail ::

Rain, snow hit East during the Thanksgiving rush - Atlanta Journal Constitution ::

Two females being held hostage inside Inglewood home, police say - Los Angeles Times ::,0,5520764.story

Space hosts busy Thanksgiving with launch, comet - ::

Pakistani group says it reveals name of top CIA spy - USA TODAY ::

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