Monday, December 30, 2013

31-Dec-2013 05:35

Obama, Clinton Continue Reign as Most Admired - ::

The TAO of the NSA: Specialized Hacking Team Gets the 'Ungettable' - TIME ::

Ariel Castro Neighbor Admits to Raping Children, Killing Women - ABC News ::

Quelling Attacks in the Capital, Congolese Troops Kill Dozens - New York Times ::

Olympic athletes concerned after Russian bombings - USA TODAY ::

North Dakota train collision ignites oil cars; fire to burn out - CNN ::

Court blocks hospital from disconnecting Jahi McMath from life support - CNN ::

FAA Picks Diverse Sites to Carry Out Drone Tests - New York Times ::

Antarctic ship passengers to be evacuated by helicopter - Sydney Morning Herald ::

One-third of Americans reject human evolution - USA TODAY ::

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