Wednesday, February 26, 2014

27-Feb-2014 00:20

NASA Announces 'Mother Lode' of New Planets: 715 - ABC News ::

Religious Freedom Bills Rooted In Fears Of Obama Policies - NPR ::

Lee Rigby murder: Adebolajo and Adebowale sentenced - BBC News ::

Protest Leaders Pick Candidates for New Ukraine Government - Wall Street Journal ::

GOP Rep. Gardner to run for US Senate to take on Mark Udall - USA TODAY ::

Army Disqualifies Hundreds After Sexual Assault Probe - TIME ::

Obama touts $302 billion transportation bill - Washington Post ::

Dem Sen. Manchin calls on federal regulators to ban Bitcoin - Fox News ::

Twitter pounces on Texas GOP senator's 'ONE MAN & ONE MAN' tweet - Los Angeles Times ::,0,2497384.story

Google ordered to remove anti-Islamic film from YouTube - Chicago Tribune ::,0,3360840.story

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