Monday, March 31, 2014

01-Apr-2014 00:45

Putin's not finished with Ukraine -- what Obama is missing as crisis continues - Fox News ::

AP sources: US considers release of spy Pollard - ::

Vow to Continue Jet Search as Batteries of Recorders Are Said to Fade - New York Times ::

Active Shooter Reports on Stevenson University Campus Lead to Lockdown - Fox Baltimore ::

Is The Latest Climate Report Too Much Of A Downer? - NPR ::

Members of Congress who are leaving office - Chicago Tribune ::,0,3858561.story

Obamacare website stalls a bit before enrollment deadline - Reuters ::

Mississippi Woman Gets Capital Murder Retrial - ::

General Motors recalls 1.5 million Chevrolets, Pontiacs and Saturns - Los Angeles Times ::,0,4222783.story

VP Encourages Last-Minute Health Care Applicants - ABC News ::

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