Thursday, May 29, 2014

29-May-2014 11:45

China media: Japan tensions - BBC News ::

Obama outlines foreign policy vision of 'might and right' - CNN ::

Edward Snowden: 'I can sleep at night,' have done the 'right thing' - ::

Iranian hackers using fake Facebook accounts to spy on US leaders - Times of India ::

US veterans health probe confirms cover-up of care delays - Reuters ::

Apple Agrees to Buy Beats for $3 Billion - Wall Street Journal ::

MH370 Search Crews Rule out Area Where 'Pings' Heard - ABC News ::

Red carpet marauder strikes again, this time at Brad Pitt - Washington Post ::

Maya Angelou: I'm trying to be a Christian - ::

Sisi voters say they'll take the quiet life over democracy - Reuters UK ::

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