Wednesday, December 31, 2014

31-Dec-2014 21:54

British Ebola patient being treated with survivor blood plasma - Reuters ::

Suicide bombing targets Shiites in Yemen; at least 33 dead - Los Angeles Times ::

US sends 5 detainees to Kazakhstan — a day late after aborted journey - ::

Idaho Woman Shot by Son at Walmart Remembered as Scientist, Loving Mom - ABC News ::

Abbas Signs Palestinian Application to Join International Criminal Court - Wall Street Journal ::

Teen's death shows horror of flu epidemic - CNN ::

Revelers Around the World Greet the New Year - Voice of America ::

Autopsies scheduled for Thursday in Edmonton mass murder - CTV News ::

Sony Makes 'The Interview' Available on Cable, Satellite Systems - Wall Street Journal ::

Leelah Alcorn: Transgender Teen's Reported Suicide Note Makes Dramatic ... - ABC News ::

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