Wednesday, January 28, 2015

29-Jan-2015 01:59

Why Mitt Romney May Have A Mansion Problem (Again) - ABC News ::

Christmas Tree Helped Fuel Fatal Annapolis Mansion Fire - ::

ISIS Appears to Arrange Prisoner Swap in New Hostage Recording - ABC News ::

Vote for your favorite Super Bowl puppy - USA TODAY ::

US Supreme Court blocks three Oklahoma executions - Reuters ::

Israel, Hezbollah Violence Flares in Golan Heights - Voice of America ::

US Air Force picks Boeing 747-8 to replace Air Force One - Fortune ::

Loretta Lynch, in Confirmation Hearing, Defends Legality of Obama Immigration ... - New York Times ::

Convictions tossed for 9 South Carolina men who integrated lunch counter in 1961 - WSAV-TV ::

Drone company looks to restrict flight areas in DC - CNN International ::

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