Thursday, May 28, 2015

29-May-2015 01:01

The Short List: National Spelling Bee; our new ancestor; biolab accidents - USA TODAY ::

Bill Clinton Hopes to Keep Working _ Whatever Hillary Does - ABC News ::

NY socialite Gigi Jordan gets 15 years for killing autistic 8-year-old son - CBS News ::

Obama holds climate (and basketball) Q&A on Twitter - BBC News ::

James Holmes's Notebook and Insanity Debate at Aurora Shooting Trial - New York Times ::

5 faith facts about George Pataki, a Catholic who doesn't always toe the line - Washington Post ::

At least 18 labs received Army anthrax from batch with live sample - Washington Post ::

Jeb Bush in Michigan calls for 'radical' education changes - USA TODAY ::

Vladimir Putin Denounces US Over FIFA Arrests - New York Times ::

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert indicted - Washington Post ::

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