Monday, June 29, 2015

30-Jun-2015 06:42

Quick succession of terrorist attacks has officials worried - CNN ::

Some Ky. clerks defy same-sex ruling - USA TODAY ::

Supreme Court blocks EPA's air pollution rules for power plants - Los Angeles Times ::

Anti-austerity protests in Greece as bank shutdown bites - Reuters ::

Barack Obama, Dilma Rousseff Visit Martin Luther King Memorial - NDTV ::

Squabbling, Hesitation and Luck Had Roles in Manhunt for New York Prison ... - New York Times ::

California now under pressure to propose lethal injection method - Los Angeles Times ::

'Tragic Loss': Historic Oregon Stadium Engulfed in Flames - ::

Obama plans to extend overtime to more salaried workers - Washington Post ::

Supreme Court blocks Texas abortion law from taking effect - Los Angeles Times ::

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