Wednesday, July 29, 2015

29-Jul-2015 12:38

New video shows more of Sandra Bland's time in Texas jail - Washington Post ::

Authorities Seek Cause of Tree Fall That Injured 8 Children - ABC News ::

Conservative move against Boehner a sign of discontent - U.S. News & World Report ::

Getting ugly: Why the Trump spousal 'rape' story was unfit to print - Fox News ::

Afghanistan calls press conference on Mullah Omar amid rumors of his death - Reuters ::

French Foreign Minister Arrives in Tehran - New York Times ::

Calais crisis: Nigel Farage fears holidaymaker deaths - BBC News ::

Jimmy Kimmel Is Really Upset About the Dentist That Killed Cecil the Lion - TIME ::

World's first double hand transplant in US - Times of Oman ::

Microsoft launches much-awaited Windows 10 - Reuters ::

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