Friday, August 28, 2015

29-Aug-2015 03:41

Marine asks Ronda Rousey to Marine Corps Ball - Fox News ::

Hillary Clinton Defends Bill Clinton's 'Unusual' Paid Speech Vetting Requests - ABC News ::

George W. Bush, Visiting New Orleans, Praises School Progress Since Katrina - New York Times ::

Democratic challengers launch attacks against Clinton, party leadership - Washington Post ::

Owen Labrie of St. Paul's School Not Guilty of Main Rape Charge - New York Times ::

Man who shot Virginia journalists identified with 9/11 attacks: sheriff - Reuters ::

Planned Parenthood sues Alabama over end to Medicaid funds - ::

Grim Toll Rises in Migrant Tragedies in Austria and on the Mediterranean - Wall Street Journal ::

Dominica Prime Minister Says 20 Dead Following 'Erika' - New York Times ::

Appeals court deals blow to lawsuit over NSA's bulk phone data collection - Washington Post ::

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