Thursday, October 29, 2015

29-Oct-2015 12:50

Indianapolis Mall Shooting Leaves 3 Injured, 1 in Critical Condition - People Magazine ::,,20962913,00.html

Gay former priest says Church is "making life hell" for LGBT people - NYSE Post ::

Palestinian shot dead after stabbing Israeli soldier, police say - Reuters ::

The 5 big confrontations between CNBC moderators and GOP candidates - Washington Post ::

Pfizer said to be in talks with Allergan to forge $330 billion drugs giant - Reuters ::

Sanders open to states legalizing marijuana - CNN International ::

China Drops One-Child Cap After Three Decades to Lift Growth - Bloomberg ::

Deutsche Bank to Shrink Workforce by About 26000 in Revamp - Bloomberg ::

China lifts one-child policy amid worries over graying population - Washington Post ::

Greece searches for 38 migrants off Lesbos, four children drown - Reuters ::

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