Monday, November 2, 2015

02-Nov-2015 19:31

Obama Bans Hiring Bias Against Ex-Cons Seeking Federal Jobs - ::

Two hours, a dozen campaign managers, and a mutiny inside the GOP - Washington Post ::

Royals win 2015 World Series: Nine things to know about Game 5 - ::

New Star Trek Series On The Way In 2017 - CBS Local ::

'Colossal waste': DOD slammed for $43M, US-funded gas station in Afghanistan - Fox News ::

Vatican arrests two advisers over alleged links to leaked documents - Washington Post ::

Obama signs two-year budget deal - USA TODAY ::

Colorado Springs woman recovering after Sunday shark attack in Florida - The Denver Post ::

Mystery Deepens Over Russian Airliner Crash in Egypt - New York Times ::

Tiger Bites Nebraskan Woman After She Breaks Into Zoo - Newsweek ::

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