Monday, November 2, 2015

02-Nov-2015 23:35

Wreckage found in Atlantic is the missing cargo ship, feds confirm - Fox News ::

Russian plane crash in Egypt: It's too early to determine cause, officials say - CNN ::

Dispute Over Internet Data Collection Splits High Court - ABC News ::

Porsche, more Audi models pulled into Volkswagen emissions scandal - Reuters ::

Most soul-crushing Mets postseason losses - New York Daily News ::

Los Angeles judge orders deposition of Bill Cosby by former model - Reuters ::

Tiger chomps the hand of drunk woman who snuck into Omaha zoo to pet a tiger ... - New York Daily News ::

Trump will negotiate directly with networks on debates - USA TODAY ::

Jeb Bush's Book Reveals Death Penalty Doubts, Thoughts on Racism - ABC News ::

U.S. senators, mayors fight 'garbage' claims they're linked to KKK - KRQE News 13 ::

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