Monday, November 2, 2015

03-Nov-2015 03:39

Larry Lessig drops presidential bid, blames DNC rules change - Washington Times ::

Russian plane crash in Egypt: It's too early to determine cause, officials say - CNN ::

Obama Sees Work on Race Relations as Key Part of Legacy - ::

'Star Trek' and streaming: How CBS is betting big on a sci-fi classic - Los Angeles Times ::

Speaker Paul Ryan Moves Fast to 'Detoxify' Boehner's Smoky Suite - New York Times ::

Trump's campaign says he'll negotiate directly with TV networks on debates - Washington Post ::

Illinois District Violated Transgender Student's Rights, US Says - New York Times ::

Hillary Clinton meets with families of black men killed by police - MSNBC ::

Husband of Oklahoma Mayor 'Meant no Harm' With KKK Costume - ::

Keystone XL oil pipeline in doubt as US asked to pause review - Reuters ::

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