Wednesday, November 4, 2015

04-Nov-2015 16:15

Houston decided it had a problem: Its LGBT nondiscrimination law - Washington Post ::

Antarctic Glaciers' Melting Said Near 'Unstoppable' Point, Threatening Sea ... - Tech Times ::

Donald Trump slams Jeb Bush with racist tweet featuring swastikas, sombreros ... - New York Daily News ::

6 reasons marijuana legalization failed in Ohio - USA TODAY ::

Leaders of China, Taiwan to meet for first time since civil war - Fox News ::

Death of Fox Lake, Illinois, officer likely a suicide, official says - CNN ::

South Sudan plane crash kills 15; baby among 3 survivors - CNN ::

Islamic State Offshoot Invites Russian Plane Crash Investigators to 'Prove it ... - Wall Street Journal ::

Car Makers Need Takata to Weather Air-Bag Fallout - Wall Street Journal ::

Election Day: Bevin wins in Kentucky, Ohio rejects pot - CNN ::

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