Thursday, November 5, 2015

05-Nov-2015 21:44

New book spells more family drama for Jeb Bush - Washington Post ::

Was It a Bomb? After 6 Days, Russian Jet Crash Remains a Mystery - ::

The tragic case of the boy who was missing for 13 years — and didn't know it - Washington Post ::

Mars' Atmosphere Stripped Away by Solar Storms, NASA Says - New York Times ::

Unions, lawmakers promise closer scrutiny of Pacific trade pact - Reuters ::

Carson: Pyramids in Egypt built by Biblical figure Joseph - Boston Herald ::

Worker called hero for facing California university attacker - Miami Herald ::

Detective: Illinois cop who killed himself sought hit on village manager - CBS News ::

Why Justin Timberlake Needs to Put Out a Country Album Immediately - E! Online ::

Doctors Without Borders Seeks Explanation for Kunduz Hospital Attack - New York Times ::

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