Thursday, November 5, 2015

05-Nov-2015 23:46

New book spells more family drama for Jeb Bush - Washington Post ::

Suspect in UC Merced attacks described as 'antisocial,' was an engineering student - Los Angeles Times ::

Doctors Without Borders Seeks Explanation for Kunduz Hospital Attack - New York Times ::

Russia and Egypt brush off British suggestion that bomb caused plane to crash - Washington Post ::

Exxon Mobil Investigated in New York Over Possible Lies on Climate - New York Times ::

Fox Lake Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz Tried to 'Put a Hit' on Administrator: Police - ::

Solar wind is blowing away the atmosphere on Mars - CBS News ::

ID of Alabama Boy Missing for 13 Years Revealed After He Tried to Validate ... - ABC News ::

McCarthy says 9-year-old boy targeted, lured into alley and executed - Chicago Tribune ::

US unions, lawmakers vow scrutiny of Pacific trade pact - Reuters ::

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