Saturday, November 7, 2015

07-Nov-2015 20:30

Supreme Court to hear new challenge to Obamacare contraception mandate - CNN ::

If Carly Fiorina thought 'The View' would take it easy on her, she was very wrong - Washington Post ::

Brennan: Kick Greg Hardy out of NFL after release of photos - USA TODAY ::

New front-runner Ben Carson faces closer scrutiny of his life story - Washington Post ::

Judge grants motion to reopen 'Serial' case for Adnan Syed - Chicago Sun-Times ::

New book shows cracks in Bush political dynasty - News & Observer ::

Mormons Sharpen Stand Against Same-Sex Marriage - New York Times ::

Brazil Searches for Missing After Dam Breach - Wall Street Journal ::

Citing Climate Change, Obama Rejects Construction of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline - New York Times ::

Cops arrested in shooting death of 6-year-old - New York Post ::

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