Thursday, June 28, 2012

28-Jun-2012 21:00

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes funding for college aid, child care, parks - Los Angeles Times ::

Sandusky to reportedly receive monthly pension despite child sex abuse conviction - Fox News ::

For Romney, focus is always 'Obamacare,' never 'Romneycare' - Los Angeles Times ::,0,2989781.story

Turkey Boosts Forces at Syrian Border - Voice of America ::

Hands On: Nexus 7 Tablet Is a Media Hub that Amazon Must Fear - Wired News ::

Colorado Springs Fire Consumes Homes, Threatens City - Businessweek ::

Turkey fortifies Syrian border; bomb hits Damascus - The Associated Press ::

Court strikes down Stolen Valor Act - USA TODAY ::

Holder emails: We 'need answers' on Fast and Furious - Fox News ::

Local reaction: The Affordable Care Act is upheld - ::

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