Thursday, June 28, 2012

29-Jun-2012 01:04

Recommended: Official: Battalion commander dead in Fort Bragg shooting - ::

Blasts erupt near Syrian ministry; Clinton in Russia for meeting - CNN ::

Delaware is first to OK full-service casino gambling -- online - Los Angeles Times ::,0,3018053.story

Slick Italy claim Euro 2012 final spot - Reuters ::

New California budget crafted to persuade voters to support Gov. Jerry Brown's ... - Washington Post ::

Colorado Springs fire destroys 346 homes, mayor says - Fox News ::

What's next in health care? Implementation of law goes ahead - USA TODAY ::

Sandusky likely to receive pension despite child sex abuse conviction - Fox News ::

Obama hears health law overturned, moments later - thumbs up - Reuters ::

House charges Holder with contempt of Congress - CBS News ::

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