Thursday, September 27, 2012

28-Sep-2012 01:53

Swing States a Tough Sell for Romney - Wall Street Journal ::

Netanyahu: Iran could have bomb by next summer if it does not face a 'red line' - Washington Post ::

Latest Possible Hoffa Burial Site Draws... - ABC News ::

Obama Official: Benghazi Attack Was Impromptu, but Opportunistic - TIME ::

Mars rover uncovers evidence of water flows - USA TODAY ::

Soros, other wealthy liberals commit $10 million to Dem 'super PACs' - Los Angeles Times ::,0,7428688.story

RIM's Sales Drop 31% Ahead of New Phone - Wall Street Journal ::

Anti-Islamic filmmaker arrested - USA TODAY ::

Palestinians pursuing UN recognition as nonmember state - Los Angeles Times ::

California chef who boiled wife's remains is convicted of murder - Chicago Tribune ::,0,5338350.story

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