Thursday, September 27, 2012

28-Sep-2012 04:56

UPDATE 1-Billionaire Soros pledges $1.5 mln to Democratic 'Super PACs' - Reuters ::

Panetta: Terrorists 'clearly' planned Benghazi attack - CNN International ::

Mars Curiosity rover discovers ancient streambed on planet's surface (+video) - Christian Science Monitor ::

Obama, Romney camps agree: The other guy is a great debater - CBS News ::

Plane heading for Everest region crashes in Nepal after takeoff; all 19 on ... - Washington Post ::

Michigan police skeptical they will find Hoffa's body under driveway - Chicago Tribune ::,0,4766897.story

Police: Minn. office shooter among "several" dead - CBS News ::

Cheers as NFL refs return: 'It's good to be back' - The Associated Press ::

Producer of inflammatory anti-Islam film arrested, ordered held without bail - CNN ::

PM draws clear 'red lines' on Iran nuclear program - Jerusalem Post ::

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