Wednesday, February 27, 2013

28-Feb-2013 07:43

Jesse Jackson Jr. led the path for the new Rosa Parks statue - Chicago Sun-Times ::

Senate confirms Jack Lew as Treasury secretary - Washington Post ::

White House Says It Was Not Involved in Detainee Release - New York Times ::

US, Europe Move to Expand Role in Syrian Conflict - TIME ::

Republicans Join Obama in Seeking the Bright Side of Cuts - Bloomberg ::

Supreme Court examines Voting Rights Act: Is it still needed? Fair to states? - Dallas Morning News ::

Gun control bill elicits emotional remarks - San Francisco Chronicle ::

Knicks overcome Curry's 54 to beat Warriors - U.S. News & World Report ::

Benedict XVI enters last day as pope - CNN International ::

Christie Says He'll Take US Money to Expand Medicaid - New York Times ::

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