Thursday, February 28, 2013

28-Feb-2013 09:45

Heartbroken Newtown father calls for assault weapons ban - Los Angeles Times ::,0,6195837.story

Jesse Jackson Jr. led the path for the new Rosa Parks statue - Chicago Sun-Times ::

Voting Rights Law Draws Skepticism From Justices - New York Times ::

Couple wanted for 501 day journey to Mars - BBC News ::

Knicks overcome Curry's 54 points - Philadelphia Inquirer ::

Sequester budget cuts: America's grim fairy tale - BBC News ::

European Union Agrees on Plan to Cap Banker Bonuses - New York Times ::

Report: US training Syrian rebels - Ynetnews ::,7340,L-4350608,00.html

Benedict XVI begins final day as Pope at Vatican - BBC News ::

White House: Release of illegal immigrants not our call - USA TODAY ::

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