Friday, June 27, 2014

28-Jun-2014 04:26

Cameron's defiance on Juncker applauded at home - Irish Times ::

Amy Adams Speaks Out About Giving First Class Seat to US Soldier - ABC News ::

Jordan fears homegrown ISIS more than invasion from Iraq - Washington Post ::

'Corrosive culture,' weak leadership cripple VA, report says - CNN ::

Voter-Fraud Claims and Activist's Suicide Add to Turmoil in Mississippi - New York Times ::

Singer Bobby Womack dies at 70 - Washington Post ::

US regulator approves Afrezza inhalable insulin - Los Angeles Times ::

FIFA World Cup: Luis Suarez flies home after expulsion - Indian Express ::

Same-sex marriages put on hold in Indiana by federal appeals court - CNN ::

Ukraine signs historic trade deal with EU, extends cease-fire - Los Angeles Times ::

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