Saturday, June 28, 2014

28-Jun-2014 14:36

Petro Poroshenko to Extend Ukraine Ceasefire by 72 Hours: Diplomatic Sources - NDTV ::

Beleaguered Syrian opposition asks for more US aid against insurgency, fight ... - Fox News ::

US court puts ruling overturning Indiana's gay marriage ban on hold - Chicago Tribune ::,0,3386106.story

Jean-Claude Juncker: Career insider or committed European? - BBC News ::

Thad Cochran's GOP runoff victory shows new angle to minority voting - Fox News ::

Ramadan: Five things you may not know - BBC News ::

Report on Veterans Affairs Finds `Corrosive Culture' - Businessweek ::

Iraq crisis: Battles, executions and drones abound as troops battle ISIS - CNN ::

Luis Suarez bite: Uruguayan star arrives home in Montevideo to hero's welcome ... - The Independent ::

From the Monitor archives: Heir to throne of Austria and his wife shot - Christian Science Monitor ::

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