Saturday, October 24, 2015

25-Oct-2015 06:09

Carson and Trump are dominating, but their chummy rapport turns cool - Washington Post ::

Amid Splits, Catholic Bishops Crack Open Door on Divorce - New York Times ::

Lessons of Past Disasters Helped Mexico Sidestep the Brunt of a Hurricane - New York Times ::

Kerry: Israel agrees to surveillance at disputed Jerusalem holy site - CNN ::

Clinton, Sanders rally their Iowa supporters - Washington Post ::

Oklahoma State community endures another senseless tragedy - USA TODAY ::

Obama proposes capping standardized testing at 2% of classroom time - Los Angeles Times ::

USC hammers No. 3 Utah, 42-24, to shake up rankings and the Pac-12 - Washington Post ::

Vitter barely makes Louisiana governor runoff - Politico ::

Russia says wants Syria elections, ready to help Free Syrian Army - Reuters ::

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