Thursday, January 30, 2014

30-Jan-2014 09:27

Missouri executes convicted killer Herbert Smulls, the state's third execution ... - Seattle Post Intelligencer ::

When Do Kids Become Obese? - 610kvnu ::

Shell 4Q earnings down 74 percent to $1.78 bilion - Fox News ::

Academy votes to rescind Best Song Oscar nomination for little-seen film - Fox News ::

Lenovo-Google Deal Adds to Samsung's Smartphone Worries - Wall Street Journal ::

Thai government, weakened by protests, forced to beg for access to its own offices - Fox News ::

Democrats' minimum wage push remains a long shot - Washington Post ::

Ugly remnants, signs of recovery after winter storm clobbers Deep South - CNN ::

Hackers, spies, threats and the US spies' budget - BBC News ::

Michigan man convicted of terrorism for shooting at vehicles in terrifying spate of ... - Seattle Post Intelligencer ::

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