Friday, January 31, 2014

31-Jan-2014 16:58

Reince Priebus suggests MSNBC is on 'probation' - The Hill (blog) ::

Britain, France Boost Military Cooperation With Drones, Missiles - Businessweek ::

NYC: Stop-frisk already declined sharply under Bloomberg-Kelly - Newsday ::

On Immigration, Obama Doesn't Rule out Legal Path - ABC News ::

US Stocks Open Sharply Lower - Wall Street Journal ::

Ukrainian President Repeals Antiprotest Legislation - Wall Street Journal ::

Assad may have miscalculated by agreeing to Geneva talks, diplomats say - Reuters ::

Amanda Knox Found Guilty Again: Why the Court Could Be (Sort of) Right - ABC News ::

Police: Fire that killed 9 started with combustible material against electric ... - Seattle Post Intelligencer ::

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