Thursday, January 30, 2014

30-Jan-2014 16:34

Oscars revoke 'Alone Yet Not Alone' song nomination - New York Daily News ::

Supreme Court denies stay of execution for inmate Herbert Smulls - CNN ::

Google agrees to sell Motorola phone business for $2.91 billion [San Jose ... - Businessweek ::;GOOG%26ticker%3DGOOG

Boehner to Obama: 4 areas to deal - Politico ::

Facebook Unveils 'Paper' News Reader App - PC Magazine ::,2817,2430126,00.asp

Economy grows at solid 3.2% pace in fourth quarter - Los Angeles Times ::,0,1429161.story

Coroner: 9 Kentucky family members believed killed in fire - CNN ::

Reed, Deal battle national criticism with round of interviews on snowjam - Atlanta Journal Constitution ::

Amanda Knox in US as Italian court begins deliberations - Fox News ::

Russia identifies two suicide bombers who killed 34 people in Volgograd and ... - Daily Mail ::

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