Monday, December 28, 2015

28-Dec-2015 12:26

After Chicago police 'accidentally' kill grandmother, mayor demands reform - CNN ::

Week of severe weather leaves at least 43 dead across seven states - Fox News ::

Meet Charlie Sly, the man telling — and recanting — tales about doping ... - Washington Post ::

Former top El Salvador soccer player Alfredo Pacheco shot to death - CNN ::

Iraqi drive to retake Ramadi stalls amid fears of ISIS booby traps - Fox News ::

Former Chinese regulator commits suicide in wake of deadly landslide - Washington Post ::

Swap deal reported to be taking place in besieged Syrian towns - CNN ::

Ellsworth Kelly, Vampire Slayer - Huffington Post ::

South Korea, Japan agree to irreversibly end 'comfort women' row - Reuters ::

One killed, 33 wounded in Kabul suicide attack - Reuters ::

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