Wednesday, December 30, 2015

30-Dec-2015 20:21

Moderate quake in Canada felt in Seattle area - CBS News ::

Floodwaters push rivers higher; Mississippi overtops levee in Missouri - CNN ::

NSA Israel, Congress spying report makes waves for 2016 field - CNN ::

Knicks player Cleanthony Early shot in overnight attack near Queens strip club - New York Daily News ::

'Affluenza' Teen Ethan Couch's Alleged Life on the Run Seen in These 1st Images - ABC News ::

Man dead after head-on crash with Secret Service agents in New Hampshire - Washington Post ::

Turks, Belgians Report Foiling Plans for Holiday Attacks - New York Times ::

Puerto Rico to Default on $37 Million Bond Payments Due Jan. 1 - Bloomberg ::

Bill Cosby charged in 2004 Pa. sexual assault - USA TODAY ::

Jeff Lurie discusses risks that came with coach Chip Kelly's philosophy - ESPN ::

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