Wednesday, December 30, 2015

31-Dec-2015 06:31

Grand Jury Indicts Enrique Marquez, Friend of San Bernardino Shooter - ::

Cataclysms from the North Pole to South America - Washington Post ::

Report: Knicks' Cleanthony Early shot in the knee, robbed outside strip club - ::

Texas 'affluenza' teen is fighting deportation from Mexico - Los Angeles Times ::

Bill Cosby Charged in Sexual Assault Case - New York Times ::

Emanuel touts Tasers, training to cut Chicago police shootings - Chicago Tribune ::

Belgium Cancels New Year Fireworks Over Terrorism Fears - TIME ::

Jimmy Butler carries Bulls down stretch of 102-100 victory in overtime - Chicago Tribune ::

​Rescue crews race against rising water from Midwest floods - CBS News ::

NY Post Critic to Carrie Fisher: Actors Really Should Be Judged on Looks - TheWrap ::

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