Wednesday, December 30, 2015

31-Dec-2015 03:28

Texas 'affluenza' teen delays extradition, mother deported from Mexico - Reuters ::

Bill Cosby arraigned; TV star's attorneys vow to fight 'unjustified' charge - CNN ::

Grand Jury Indicts Enrique Marquez, Friend of San Bernardino Shooter - ::

Vegas bettors favor Alabama, Oklahoma to make CFP finale - ESPN ::

Turbulence causes injuries on Air Canada flight - CNN ::

Report: Knicks' Cleanthony Early shot in the knee, robbed outside strip club - ::

Belgium on edge after year of terror - CNN ::

Emanuel: Ensure force 'last option, not first choice' for Chicago police - Chicago Tribune ::

Jeb Bush abruptly cancels TV time to send staff into the field - CNN ::

'It wears you out,' Missouri man says as floodwaters rise - CNN ::

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