Friday, February 12, 2016

13-Feb-2016 05:49

Photos: Obama Declares 3 New National Monuments In California Desert - NPR ::

Machete Attack Witness Describes 'Complete Chaos' Inside Ohio Restaurant - ABC News ::

Official's email says shift to Flint River made too quickly - Washington Post ::

Zika virus may hide in organs protected from the immune system - Reuters ::

Jim Gilmore, Who Was Campaigning For President, Isn't Anymore - NPR ::

Super PAC moves to ramp up financial firepower for Clinton - Washington Post ::

With a Slur for Ted Cruz, Donald Trump Further Splits Voters - New York Times ::

The Latest: Pope Arrives at Envoy's Residence to Spend Night - New York Times ::

Columbine: 17 Years of Aftershocks - Daily Beast ::

US Plans to Resume Commercial Flights to Cuba This Year - New York Times ::

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