Monday, February 15, 2016

16-Feb-2016 03:58

Donald Trump: Ted Cruz is 'unstable' - CNN ::

Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic reopens after shooting - Fox News ::

Missiles in Syria kill 50 as schools, hospitals hit; Turkey accuses Russia - Reuters ::

Australian police seize $900 million in meth hidden in bra inserts, art supplies - Chicago Tribune ::

More Republicans Say They'll Block Supreme Court Nominee - New York Times ::

Police Investigating Claim Eliot Spitzer Choked Woman in Plaza Hotel - New York Times ::

In Nevada, a tightening race threatens Clinton's post-New Hampshire 'firewall' - Washington Post ::

Car Found Running in Garage Where 2 of 3 Bodies Were Found at Hawaiian Gardens Home - KTLA ::

Lincoln Memorial to Get Major Renovation - New York Times ::

Grammys 2016: Live Coverage - New York Times ::

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