Saturday, February 13, 2016

14-Feb-2016 02:09

Drug cartel battle kills 52 in northeastern Mexican prison - Yahoo News ::

Happy birthday, Abe Lincoln; here's a baseball political cartoon - ::

Pope calls out drug trade in Mexico - USA TODAY ::

Syrian army gains ground around Aleppo, looks to Raqqa - Reuters ::

Deadly I-78 pileup: Dozens of vehicles collide on Pennsylvania highway - CNN ::

Russian premier: 'We have slid into ... a new Cold War' - Los Angeles Times ::

Shabab Claims Plane Attack - New York Times ::

5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Among Several Temblors in Oklahoma - ABC News ::

Republicans to Debate After Testy Week in South Carolina - Bloomberg ::

Scalia's death plunges court, national politics into turmoil - Washington Post ::

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