Sunday, February 14, 2016

14-Feb-2016 23:30

Turkey shells Kurdish positions in Syria for 2nd day - Washington Post ::

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hit record high: UN - AOL News ::

Boy Gives Every Girl In His High School A Carnation For Valentine's Day - 10TV ::

After Antonin Scalia's Death, Fierce Battle Lines Emerge - New York Times ::

Ranch Owner Recalls Finding Justice Antonin Scalia's Body - New York Times ::

Arkansas State University lifts campus lockdown - Washington Post ::

British Rock Band Viola Beach Killed in Car Crash in Sweden - ::

Kanye West Is $53 Million in Debt? Rapper Posts Surprising Tweet and Also Mentions Mark Zuckerberg - E! Online ::

The long simmering Bush-Trump feud boils over on stage - Washington Post ::

The Latest: Anti-Femicide Activist: Pope Homily Insufficient - New York Times ::

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