Wednesday, September 30, 2015

01-Oct-2015 02:39

Assistant principal tackles student who shot principal - USA TODAY ::

House Passes Funding Bill, Averts Government Shutdown - ABC News ::

Top Secret Service official urged release of unflattering information about ... - Washington Post ::

Oklahoma governor grants last-minute stay of execution after drug mix-up - Reuters ::

The 11 must-read Hillary Clinton emails - Politico ::

Ready or nor, it's credit card chip and dip time: What you need to know - USA TODAY ::

It's official — the world's top university is Cal Tech - USA TODAY College ::

Who's in and who's out of the next Republican debate - Washington Post ::

Hurricane Joaquin poised to hit Bahamas, could target US next - CNN ::

Russia begins airstrikes in Syria; US warns of new concerns in conflict - Washington Post ::

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