Monday, September 28, 2015

29-Sep-2015 05:55

Prison Seamstress Joyce Mitchell Weeps During Sentencing for Escape Help - ::

Donald Trump unveils plan to slash taxes for the poor -- and the wealthy - CNN ::

Congress moves on spending bill as shutdown deadline looms - Reuters ::

Why Hillary's feminists are suffering from Fiorina-envy - New York Post ::

Obama and Putin outline competing visions on Syria - Washington Post ::

Evidence of water on Mars: Could it boost possibility of life? - Christian Science Monitor ::

Typhoon Lashes Taiwan, Killing 2, Injuring More Than 300 - New York Times ::

Pregnant mother, grandmother killed — infant, two others wounded in South ... - Chicago Sun-Times ::

New Jersey high school football player died of lacerated spleen, medical ... - Fox News ::

MTV extreme sports star killed in Calif. skydiving accident - ::

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