Sunday, September 27, 2015

27-Sep-2015 11:13

Evan Murray dies after on-field injury in New Jersey high school game - ESPN ::

Congressional agenda thrown into disorder with Boehner's departure - Washington Post ::

Rep. Blackburn Gives GOP Address: Getting Answers on Planned Parenthood - RealClearPolitics ::

Feds: Axle of duck boat in deadly crash 'sheared off' - USA TODAY ::

Florida woman accused of 'riding' sea turtle - PA home page ::

As Many as a Million Expected for Pope's Last Mass in US - ABC News ::

Bill Clinton: Blame GOP and media for Hillary email flap - WTHR ::

Iran criticizes Saudi Arabia over deaths of hundreds at Hajj pilgrimage - CNN ::

Pennsylvania Starwatch: Check out the moon trifecta - News Item ::

France launches airstrikes against ISIL in Syria - USA TODAY ::

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