Monday, September 28, 2015

28-Sep-2015 22:48

Prison Seamstress Joyce Mitchell Weeps During Sentencing for Escape Help - ::

911 caller: Monkey's eating mail out of neighbor's mailbox - CBS News ::

FBI director: We will collect and publish more info about fatal police shootings - Washington Post ::

China growth worry drags down global stocks, commodities - Reuters ::

NASA Says Signs of Water Flowing on Mars, Possible Niches for Life - New York Times ::

Obama, Putin clash over Syria crisis at the United Nations - Washington Post ::

Taliban storms into northern Afghan city in major blow for security forces - Washington Post ::

Trump's tax plan calms conservatives worried about a populist moment - Washington Post ::

Facebook goes down for the third time in 3 weeks - Mashable ::

Kevin McCarthy formally announces bid for House speaker - Washington Post ::

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