Wednesday, September 30, 2015

30-Sep-2015 22:35

First drive: Tesla Model X is an awesome way to spend $132000 - USA TODAY ::

Pope Francis met privately with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, Vatican confirms - Washington Post ::

Shaken by Taliban Victory in Kunduz, Afghans Flee Another Provincial Capital - New York Times ::

Hero South Dakota vice principal subdues student, 16, who shot, wounded school ... - New York Daily News ::

Planned Parenthood funding debate meets California congressional races - Los Angeles Times ::

Russia begins airstrikes in Syria; US warns of new concerns in conflict - Washington Post ::

Why Abbas' "Bombshell" Speech at the UN Was a Dud - TIME ::

Bernie Sanders, Not Hillary Clinton, Deserves Union Endorsements - Huffington Post ::

Oklahoma's Richard Glossip scheduled to die Wednesday - CNN ::

Hurricane May Bring 10 Inches of Rain to Parts of East Coast - ABC News ::

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