Monday, December 21, 2015

21-Dec-2015 22:51

Lindsey Graham suspends his presidential campaign - Washington Post ::

Amid manhunt, 'affluenza' teen's mom listed as missing person - Washington Post ::

FDA overturns 30-year ban on blood donations by gay men - Reuters ::

6 American Soldiers Killed in Taliban Attack in Afghanistan - New York Times ::

SeaWorld Guests Being Taken Off Sky Tower Ride - ABC News ::

Source: Odell Beckham felt threatened by Panthers' bat stunt - ESPN ::

CDC reports new Chipotle-related E. coli outbreak - Chicago Sun-Times ::

Fox News announces Jan. 28 Republican debate in Des Moines - USA TODAY ::

San Bernardino attack: Enrique Marquez to remain in custody, judge rules - Los Angeles Times ::

Driver who mowed down crowds on Vegas Strip asked valet to call 911, police say - Washington Post ::

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