Wednesday, January 27, 2016

28-Jan-2016 06:32

Ferguson, Justice reach deal to revamp police operation - USA TODAY ::

Global health body under pressure to stop Zika virus - Reuters ::

5 gang members arrested in OC jailbreak probe, but 3 escapees still at large - Los Angeles Times ::

Nazi mass killer Adolf Eichmann claimed he was 'mere instrument' in newly released letter begging for clemency - New York Daily News ::

Widow of Fox Lake cop helped him misuse youth police program funds: charges - Chicago Tribune ::

Rachel Maddow: What will it take to fix Flint? - Detroit Free Press ::

Trump spurns a powerful player in GOP politics in falling-out with Fox - Washington Post ::

University of Missouri suspends professor in assault case - Washington Post ::

Lawyer: 'Runaway grand jury' indicted abortion foes - Washington Post ::

Remaining Oregon protesters warn of 'Armageddon,' but Bunder urges holdouts to go home - Los Angeles Times ::

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